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Suzanne Gray

Suzanne Gray grew up in a small town in the Central Valley, developing a country western appetite from her father, a doctor who listened to the likes of Cisco Houston, Roy Acuff, Woody Guthrie, amid his vast, eclectic record collection. His hobby of hopping trains led to her love of railroads and its music, especially “Hobo’s Lullaby”.  She and her two brothers were carted all over Butte County taking accordion, piano, clarinet, and singing lessons.


Her day job as a Kindergarten/First Grade teacher at McNear Elementary School engenders her merry heart and honest humility thanks to lively and loving interactions with her students and families.  They keep her happy so she can sing about heartbreak, gun slinging, and alcohol excesses . . .  without ever getting tempted.

Side Dish Suzanne
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